Safety and Security
Safety and security are top priorities at the Georgia World Congress Center. The convention center has its own police force and security department that work directly with the Atlanta Police Department to ensure visitors are safe and comfortable while downtown.

safetyThe Georgia World Congress Center’s bike, Segway and foot patrol, cover all 200 acres of its campus, including parking lots, plazas and thoroughfares. The officers not only provide a visible police presence, they are also available to offer directions and provide information.

safetyThe city's law enforcement and ambassador force also offer downtown patrols. More than 65 Ambassadors are located throughout the hotel district, including Peachtree Street, Centennial Olympic Park and the Georgia World Congress Center from 7 a.m. until midnight. Recognizable by the uniform that includes a Pith helmet and often riding on Segways members of the Ambassador Force have been assisting visitors with information, directions and escorts since the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games.

safetyJoining the Ambassadors on the streets of Atlanta are more than 60 foot patrol Atlanta Police Officers who are ensuring downtown guests have a safe and pleasant experience while in Atlanta. Additionally, the city has a mounted patrol in downtown.